Three and a Half Promises

Sattired allows you to wear snark and wit on the finest quality clothes. We are a bunch of fashion and literature nerds who love stitching together the best materials and the most profound literary ideas into quirky, refreshing, often scandalous designs. In life, we are nihilists, but in fashion, we are expressionists.

We believe fashion speaks louder than words. And we also believe fine clothes and prose are meant to last.

In principle, Sattired promises three and a half things:

1. Apparel made from the finest fabrics in the world

2. Clothes that last long

3. Punching up

The half would be sustainability. Although most of our fabrics are highly sustainable, we are not 100% sustainable yet; hence, a 1/2 promise.

In the world of fast fashion, the idea of casual clothes that are of the finest quality and last a long time is a satire of the fashion industry. One life, One tee is our motto. Kind of.

Our tees are super fine and last as long as the grandma’s saree, which passes from generation to generation as an heirloom. They are like that leather jacket that never loses its charm and turns more graceful with time.

Experts hear the death knell when we say we make a living by stitching high-quality, slow-moving clothes. “The fashion industry survives on turning the inventory as fast as possible,” is the usual advice. But we like to punch up. We don’t want to “turn” our products into landfills.

Not only that, but we also share a percentage of our profits with the subjects of our designs.

For example, one of our designs captures the courage of “The Unreasonable Women.” These women change society by being who they are and doing what they like. They have broken from the shackles of “ladylike.” They are no longer associated with “chores.”

Since we are borrowing the idea of unreasonableness from them and turning it into profit, we want to pay their fair share.

So if you get Sattired, you are someone who appreciates quality over quantity, values time, has an eye for detail, craves all things fine and isn’t afraid to speak up to authority.

And we at Sattired are the ones that fulfil our promises and knit together ideas and fabrics into quirky work of satire, irony, and sarcasm.